An insightful and fun look into studying in Germany brought exclusively to you by the DAAD Malaysia! Join us as we discuss everything from entrance qualifications all the way to surviving in Germany as an Asian!

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Episode 1 - Free Education in Germany? How? Can ah???

In this pilot episode, Brian and Idz discuss everything from women’s bicycles to the awesomeness of FREE EDUCATION in Germany!

This way to awesomeness!

Episode 2 - Light my (root) beer

In this episode, Brian and Idz discuss the importance of a lighter when you are thirsty, why you should really consider Germany for your tertiary education, and whether or not Berlin has more bridges than Venice.

This way to more awesomeness!

Episode 3 -Yelling German granny

While Idz gets yelled at by a German granny and his trash singled out for public shaming Brian offers awkward handshakes and pops his what??
And of course: good reasons why to study in Germany are discussed in detail.

This way to even more awesomeness!

Episode 4 - Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft

Brian and Idzaid explore how to make friends in Germany and explain what an “inner pig-dog” is and how it may be working against your academic excellence. In ‘fun facts’ you will learn whether Angela Merkel is a Barbie Doll, why the Nazis are responsible for Fanta and how long the longest German compound is.

I can’t believe there is so much here!

Episode 5 - Pepperoni pizza

How to make it through the German consulate with ease? Why do Germans don’t like white bread? Well, listen and find out…

Can’t get better than this, can it?

Episode 6 - The horse does not eat cucumber salad

Will Malaysian students starve to death in Germany? How on earth can you decide where to study? And if you’d also like to find out why horses don’t eat cucumber salad then this episode was deliberately designed, crudely crafted, and meticulously moulded just for you!

It can get better?? Almost unreal!


Episode 7 - How much does it cost?

Brian and Idzaid explore the living expenses an international student needs to expect in Germany and reveal that a couple of items are even cheaper than in Malaysia. Overall, it is much more affordable than you may expect.

It doesn’t cost anything? It doesn’t cost anything!

Episode 8 - The Natives of Trizonesia

Today Idz and Brian discuss how to survive the first few weeks after your arrival in Germany, beginning with your arrival in Frankfurt a. M., continuing your journey to your destination, and considering your first steps into your student life at your university. “Fun facts about Germany” is dedicated to the various German Anthems the rich German history provides.

Now this will be fun!